(Last change: 13.02.2023)

The control panel provides an independent change in the basic php settings for each site. To do this, go to the PHP Settings item on the screenshot below the capabilities and types of settings are displayed.

This page displays the PHP configuration for the website. These settings are specific to the website and do not affect other websites on the subscription. You can change the PHP configuration if the hosting provider grants you the corresponding permission. Custom PHP configuration can be used, for example, to limit the consumption of system resources by PHP scripts, or meet the requirements of a certain web app. When you set the value of a parameter to Default, PHP uses the parameter's value from the server-wide PHP configuration.

You can use the following placeholders in parameter values:

{DOCROOT} for the document root directory of the website. The current value is /var/www/vhosts/ The HTTPS document root directory is the same as for http.

{WEBSPACEROOT} for the document root directory of the subscription's primary website.

{TMP} for the directory which stores temporary files.

After making the change, the settings will take effect immediately in real time.