SSL certificates are designed to protect your data that is transmitted over the Internet from the user's computer to the server (your website). The widest application in online stores, payment systems and other information systems where credit cards, online payment wallets are used. Your site will be accessible via https protocol.

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Below are the most popular certifications. Customer Choice:

ID Name Check method Term (month) WildCard SAN SGC EV Buy
    For one domain
1 Сomodo Positive SSL Domain 12 - - - - $39
2 GlobalSign Alpha (RU, SU, РФ, BY) Domain 12 - - - - $82
GlobalSign Wildcart (RU, SU, РФ, BY) Domain 12 + - - - $164

IDN - Domain support in the national language, for example магазин.рф
WildCard - Unlimited number of subdomains e.g. my.domain.tld, myname.domain.tld 

SAN - Multi-domain certificate allows you to bind up to 210 different domain names.
SGC - Legacy browser-enabled certificate (organizations only).
EV - Extended validation, displayed with a green bar in the browser 
(only for organizations).