(Last change: 11.09.2023)

All of our virtual hosting rates use the Plesk 18 (Obsidian) control panels. By purchasing hosting you get access to install your sites, email addresses and more.

The control panel of the hosting is an intuitive interface, all the advanced settings in the control panel are applied in real time when making changes and pressing the save button.

At the moment of activation of the ordered tariff, a letter with parameters and access to the control panel comes to the mail. Clicking on the link opens a window for entering your login and password.

The form also has the option of password recovery to the registered customer's email address. Click Login.

We are located in the hosting control panel, in the main menu there are several items for setting, we will consider each of them separately.

If your control panel icons are displayed differently, you can change the view. In this guide, we used the Active List view, more about changing the display type.

Note: If you have any questions, we will be always happy to help, just contact technical support.