Methods of payment for services available in your account:

  • QIWI/VISA/MC/МИР (RU cards) - Payment through the Qiwi payment gateway, if you have a wallet, you can pay through it or choose a payment method by card, without registration. (Only cards of Russian banks are accepted for payment) 


  • Ю-Money RU - Payment through a wallet that can be replenished with a card of Russian banks.


  • Webmoney WMZ / BTC - Payment through the WebMoney payment gateway is available both from a WMZ wallet and via Bitcoin.


  • Юр. лица / Физ. лица / QR (RU) - Formation of an invoice for payment according to the details of the company through a bank for both legal entities and individuals. The payment method has a QR code that you can use to autofill the details in the mobile application of all Russian banks. Open the banking application and select pay via QR, point your smartphone camera. Works as for Jur. as well as for Phys. persons.


  • PaymentWall (USD) - Payment gateway, integrated a large number of local payment methods for various countries using local e-wallets.

  • UnionPay via Payssion (USD) - Payssion international payment gateway that accepts UnionPay payment cards. Great for customers from many countries.


You can choose the payment method that is convenient for you personal account.

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