(Last change: 23.08.2023)

There are different situations in which the site owner needs to recover his password to the administrative section of the site. There is no way to remind or reset the password by email, for example, because the mailbox is no longer working or you do not remember what address was specified there. There is a great way to quickly reset the password for a site, this will require access to the hosting control panel and a few minutes of time.

We go to the hosting control panel in the database section, as indicated in the screenshot.

Next, in the list of databases, we need to select the database that belongs to our site. In our example, there is only 1 database from cms wordpress. If you have several of them and you do not know which site this or that database belongs to, it is enough to open the configuration file using wordpress as an example, this will be the wp-config.php file in the root of the site. This can be done in the Files menu and in the root folder of the site, httpdocs by default, open the file. Line define('DB_NAME', 'DB_wordpress_8');

Let's open the phpMyAdmin database editor (opens in a new window).

Select the table users with the prefix indicated in the screenshot under the number 1 and click on the Change link under the number 2. As we can see there is only 1 user in the database. If you have several of them, select the user whose password you want to change.

In the field user_pass varchar (255), select password_hash() from the drop-down list, since our password is encrypted and we, by specifying the password in plain text in the field under the number 2, will also make the conversion, as if we were editing it through the administrative section of the site. Click Forward to apply the settings. Ready.

It makes no sense to describe the method for each cms, as it is suitable for most. The principle of operation is similar for everyone, the only thing that will be different is the name of tables, rows and other variables. In structure, everything will be similar and will also allow you to reset the password.