(Last change: 08.02.2024)

To configure hosting on the main domain, use the menu item icons by selecting the appropriate section. Here we look at some of the main ones.

FTP access - a protocol for transferring files over a network using the username and password for the service.

As shown in the screenshot, a user has already been created by default, we can edit it by clicking on it or add a new user by specifying the username and password, as well as the home folder. The home folder option is useful for restricting access to your site. For example, you have 2 sites, for one of which you want to give the developer access to files for making changes to the site, so he will only get access to files to the folder you specified. If / is the root, ftp the user gets access to all files and folders.

Databases - In most cases, sites require a MySQL or PostgreSQL database.

In this section, you can add and manage existing databases, as well as manage access permissions. A separate user is created for each database. You can assign several users to one database at the same time, and also select access from several options.

In the first case, the connection will be allowed only with localhost, this case is often used when the site and the database are on the same server. If you need to allow external access, there are 2 options, allow everyone or specify specific ip addresses to which access will be open.

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