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New build - Telegram chat-bot server

Over the past few years, Telegram messenger chatbots have gained great popularity. There are various projects that have solved the issues of customer interaction with their services through an automated telegram bot.

Projects are different, from managing a bank account to ordering online services. On the one hand, this may not seem as convenient as in the case of classic interaction with a client through a personal account on the site, but on the other hand, it is somewhat reminiscent of the IVR menu in a call center (call center), when you call and navigate through the menu, depending on type of services.

In any case, this is another channel of interaction with customers, and depending on the type of services or goods sold, it can be useful for your business.

Now it's even easier to launch your telegram bot, we have added a new build on VPS linux Debian 12. This build includes everything you need to quickly launch a chat bot. Ready telegram chat-bot server configured with a test script, you just need to add the necessary functionality into a bot or find a ready-made one, one way or another you do not need to spend time setting up the server.

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