We are a registered partner of Kaspersky Lab and offer licenses for Kaspersky Security for Mail Servers. The license is supplied for the number of mailboxes chosen by you, starting from 10. This product will protect your server from spam, viruses and other threats. Emails identified as spam will be marked and moved to the appropriate folder.

ID The product's name
    Virus and spam protection for corporate Linux mail server
1 Kaspersky Security for Mail Servers (Basic) from 10 mailboxes
2 Kaspersky Security for mail servers. (Renewal) from 10 mailboxes

Mail security should not be neglected, as most attacks are carried out using it. 

Let's give an example: You received a letter with content as a newsletter from a popular resource, for example, MSN News or weekly selection of films from film site, You have no strong doubts that these letters came  from these services - decide to follow the links from them, for example, you want to unsubscribe from the mailing list or see a more detailed description of the film, but the letters may be sent from an attacker and contain links to malicious resources that will lead your PC to infection. Agree, it is unlikely that all employees of your company have such a good security competence to avoid such a scenario. Schemes and scenarios are becoming more sophisticated every day. 

Kaspersky Labs has extensive experience, as well as Big Data, which accumulates information and enters data on threats, synchronizing spam and virus databases from a large number of clients and preventing the latest threats and phishing methods.

By purchasing a license for Kaspersky Security for Mail Servers, the product will analyze each email for spam, phishing, viruses. You will not need to be distracted from your main tasks, you will be sure that you use your mail safely, without doubting that some email can be forged - it will immediately be marked as phishing and moved to the spam folder.

We offer licenses for purchase and their renewal, from 1 to 2 years, when ordering for 2 years at once, you get a license at a discount.