Virtual server for mobile application

Most mobile applications, including games, are built on a client-server infrastructure, just like a web application. In turn, the mobile application in many cases is only the control part, while all the data is located on the server and is loaded into it when the application is launched.

In order to store your clients' data, you need to have round-the-clock access to a data storage server, and in this case, a good solution would be to use a virtual server provided as a service by a hosting provider.

A virtual server allows you to do everything that a physical server can do and even with greater capabilities, for example, backup and recovery, increasing resources.

The ease of maintaining a virtual server is a significant advantage - while to maintain a physical server you will need qualified personnel and the costs of placing equipment in a data center. In the case of renting a virtual server, you receive a ready-made infrastructure on the operating system you need with the required amount of resources; all other responsibilities are assumed by the hosting provider.

When ordering a virtual server from us, you get the opportunity to independently choose the required number of resources and additional services. When you pay for 1 year at once, you get a discount and save yourself from monthly invoices.

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