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In this article we will not describe the pros and cons of each solution. Since there is a universal way - when you use a ready-made CMS with a large set of modules on a well-known framework.

Thus, you immediately receive ready-made functionality with the ability to change it both at the CMS level and at the Framework level, which makes your possibilities limitless. You get a quick start and complete freedom.

In this version, we saw great opportunities - we will talk about Winter CMS based on the Laravel framework.

Laravel itself is now gaining great popularity among PHP developers, significantly taking market share from CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla, Bitrix, etc.

The fact is, the CMS is simply becoming less and less attractive every day, due to poor security, low speed, and the presence of a large selection of designers.

The website market seems to be divided into 2 categories, when a simple website is usually made using a website builder, and a complex website is made using a framework, choosing VPS. In the first case, you deprive yourself of scaling and ownership of the site as such - it cannot be moved anywhere, and in the second, such a solution usually corresponds to an already existing company with a clear understanding of all functionality, since it requires development costs.

Security patches for wordpress and third-party modules are released every two weeks. Agree - you are unlikely to gain much by paying less for creating a website on it, because in the process it will simply require more resources in the form of technical support, installation of updates, etc.

While criticizing, we suggest:

Winter CMS on the Laravel framework is an excellent solution for creating a website that is scalable to a portal. The CMS is open source, has a large number of modules, and has a friendly community. Pay attention to this solution and create a secure, fast website for both yourself and your company.

The CMS is free, you can install it on any of our hosting plans or by choosing a virtual server. If you pay for services for a year, we take care of all the installation and configuration of the CMS - just inform us about this in the comments to the order.

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