Classification of websites and their scalability

Web resources are primarily classified based on the number of pages and are designated by the following types:

Business card website is a website that contains about 20 pages, such as address, type of activity and pages with information about products or services.

Site is a regular website, meaning no more than 200 pages at all times.

Corporate website - everything is the same as a business card website, plus the presence of news and articles, which makes its average volume about 200-500 pages.

News site - a site that in the future may contain up to 10,000 pages or more.

Portal - all web resources containing more than 10,000 are usually called portals, but based on the topic, these can also be news sites.

Thus, sites with more than 10,000 pages on the subject can be either corporate - for example, the site of a large company that creates operating systems, or news, but in terms of the number of pages they will have the status of a portal.

Based on the tasks and understanding of how the site will develop, it is very important to immediately choose the right content management system. For example, when you need to place the same article in different categories at the same time and at the same time, so that it has only one link, otherwise the search engine will consider it a duplicate, which will have a bad effect on ranking.

Or another example, when you decide to make a website using a website builder, and then add a large amount of content there - which is an initially bad choice. You can make a business card website using the designer, but a portal or corporate website using this option will be an extremely inconvenient and unsafe solution.

Choose the right Framework or CMS right away, based on the final vision of the project over a 8-year period.

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