Added VDS servers from the USA

We have added 3 budget tariffs for VDS server locations: USA / Los Angeles. These servers are perfect for transiting traffic as a proxy server for Linux repositories.

Recently, many often face the problem of accessing various repositories, since many IPs on them are blocked and there is no way to download the required package in the usual way.

You can order one of the tariffs including setting up a proxy server and use it to install the necessary services, about how to set up a repository through a proxy you can look at the link.

You can view the new tariffs in the section: virtual servers (USA).

You can also set up a proxy in the browser and download the necessary packages through it.

A proxy server for these purposes is convenient and safe. You do not need to constantly connect or disconnect as it works in a VPN, you simply, if necessary, open a second, already configured browser and get access to the necessary repositories.

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