VDS server as a second PC

Each operating system is good for different purposes, for example, Microsoft Windows is convenient and familiar for everyday use on a laptop; a good alternative is also the MacOS operating system, which is used on Apple devices. But these operating systems are convenient for different tasks. There is also Linux, which can also be used with a graphical shell as a workstation.

One or another software is available for each operating system. There are cases when you need to use another operating system to solve certain problems, different from the one installed on your laptop. However, it is not at all necessary to install them in parallel on one laptop.

An excellent solution to this problem would be to purchase a VDS server with the operating system you need, which you select during the ordering process; if the required one is not on the list, simply provide a link to the ISO image.

A VDS server is a hardware and software complex where the amount of resources you select is allocated for the required operating system. You can connect to it via a remote desktop and work like a laptop, while easily switching between them. Connection to the workstation is available from anywhere in the world via the Internet and at any time (24x7).

For example, if you want to watch or learn how to work with the Linux operating system, you just need to place an order and install a client for connecting a remote desktop on your operating system, be it MacOS or Microsoft Windows. Next, you indicate the IP address, login and password, which will be sent to you by email after placing your order.

The selected resources can always be increased if necessary, the main thing is to comply with the minimum requirements of the operating system itself so that working with it is comfortable.

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