Professional hosting for business

In the hosting services market, there are several types of tariff lines, as well as companies that position themselves differently. The choice can take a lot of time and effort, even with testing. We will tell you about a simple method that can guide you when choosing.

1. Define the goal

1.1 For training

If in your case hosting is necessary for learning programming, for example php, and you are not going to do business, then there is no point in overpaying for quality, since, by and large, any hosting with php and other languages will suit you.

1.2 For myself, hobby, testing

In this case, when your projects do not bring you income and you use hosting for yourself, a hobby, etc. - there is no point in paying for professional hosting. An average tariff plan on the budget or mid-range tariff line of most providers will be enough for you.

1.3 For a startup, project, business

For business projects, you need to choose professional hosting and it’s better from companies that position themselves this way, since the price is determined by:

  • Equipment reliability
  • Software quality
  • Competent support

Absolutely everyone has problems with their work, but the quality and speed of the response greatly depends on professionalism. Thus, if you have a small startup or an already established business project, we are glad to see you among our clients, because it is our company that positions itself to provide services to business. We have all the above qualities using HP servers, Plesk software, CPanel DNS, Virtuozzo and others.

By choosing us, you will always receive qualified support and assistance in setting up services, installing a certificate, etc. Regular clients have access to such options as deferred payment upon request. Reliable business partners are already 50% of success.

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