What are preconfigured server builds for?

Last year, we added a section of ready-made builds for vps servers, where we described all the actions that we took to offer clients ready-made software solutions on virtual servers. For beginners and professionals. On the one hand: there are simple ones, for example:

they allow you to avoid errors in the settings and quickly get working functionality, on the other hand: there are complex assemblies that require long setup, a bunch of services and a verified configuration, where even a professional will need to spend a lot of time, for example:

after all, even when configuring according to the instructions on the Internet, we often came across an outdated or inappropriate description, and often the manuals on the Internet contain the setting of one of the services, and not in a bunch of everything together and since we set it up once, checked and verified the configuration, why not save time I clone a working assembly to the client absolutely free of charge - only the selected resources are paid, as well as when ordering an empty server.

Another plus is the support for the assembly itself, which means that the client can ask a question regarding the selected assembly, for example, how to specify your domain, what records to make in the DNS editor, etc. and we will tell you in detail how it functions and help you change the settings if necessary , You only need to open a request through your personal account and describe the task.

As a result, when ordering an assembly, you get:

  • Ready, working functionality, stated in the description
  • Technical support
  • All the possible advantages of a virtual server, as with a regular order

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