Tools for website prevention

As you add content, change the structure, as well as remove and add various functionality of your site, it is subject to changes and after some time, depending on the scale of the changes, the site must be subjected to preventive maintenance. There are both external and proprietary services for analyzing pages and checking speed.

1. Website speed

This is a very important indicator, since it is fast sites that achieve a large number of visitors and contribute to their growth.

Use the service to evaluate your site, as well as its optimization on the web server side.

2. Relevance of the structure

These tools will help keep your website structure up to date. Do this work on a regular basis.

2.1 Finding outdated links

The script crawls all the pages of your site and indicates in the report pages and links that no longer exist. The script checks not only the internal pages of your site, but also the external ones, which allows you to see and correct all the shortcomings.

2.2 Sitemap.xml file

To transfer the current structure of your site to search robots, create a fresh sitemap.xml file using this guide.

3. Detailed research

Use the service to transfer the current sitemap.xml file to the search robot. This service will also allow you to see duplicate pages by their titles and much more.

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