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New build - Own internet radio

Quite often over the past few years, we have begun to meet streaming Youtube channels that broadcast music, sounds of nature, and the background of these videos is either animation with a cycle of several seconds, where you can look at the details, or a video recording of a weather fragment in the form of rain on the roof, etc. . P.

Some of these channels are several years old, the most famous of them is Lo-Fi Girl, where an animation student does her lessons to the music that tunes her to work. This channel has become very popular and has collected a little more than 13 million subscribers at the moment, which also became the impetus for the creation of new ones with similar functionality.

We decided to ask this question and make a ready assembly, where the client will only have to upload his animation clip, which will serve as a background for the broadcast and music files.

The broadcast is carried out using the RTMP protocol and allows you to broadcast to any service: Rutube, Youtube, VK and others.

Full description of streaming server on Debian 12 can be found in the VPS section / VDS server and you can both configure it yourself and order a ready one.

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