The control panel has an automated option for issuing free SSL certificates from Lets Encrypt. Such certificates are issued for a period of 3 months and then automatically renewed for the same period without limiting the number of such periods, which is an advantage. To issue and install a certificate, go to the hosting panel of the Sites and Domains menu and select SSL/TLS certificates in the menu.

Next, enter the email address, select the necessary parameters:

  • Protect the subdomain with the prefix "www" for this domain and each selected alias
  • Issue a wildcard * SSL / TLS certificate

*One wildcard certificate can be used to protect the primary domain along with any number of subdomains, which can be useful when you have many subdomains. If you need ssl for one main domain, then you should mark only the first item www prefix and click Install

Wait for completion, it may take from a few seconds to several minutes. The issued certificate will be automatically installed on this domain. No further action is required. Now you can go to the site and Cheque the operation of the certificate. You may need to restart your browser to update the cache.

Options Section

Redirect from http to https - Enhances the security of website's visitors by setting up a permanent, SEO-safe 301 redirect from the insecure HTTP to the secure HTTPS version of the website.

HSTS - Enhances the security of website's visitors by prohibiting web browsers from accessing the website via insecure HTTP connections. If visitors are unable to connect via HTTPS, your website will become unavailable.

Keep websites secured - Automatically replaces expired or self-signed SSL/TLS certificates with free valid certificates from Let's Encrypt. Covers each domain, subdomain, domain alias, and webmail belonging to the subscription.

OCSP Stapling - Enhances the privacy of website's visitors and improves the website performance. The web server will request the status of the website's certificate (can be good, revoked, or unknown) from the CA instead of the visitor's browser doing so.

Important! The domain must be delegated to the hosting, as the Lets Encypt service will access the server by domain. If you just bought a domain or moved the site from another hosting, you will need to wait up to 8 hours to fully update the DNS. Then you can try issuing the certificate again.

You can also order a paid SSL certificate from us and we will configure it for free on our hosting.