New build - Proxy server on Debian 11

Added new build - Debian 11 proxy server based on Squid.

A corporate proxy server is often used for private access to corporate resources, since public access from the Internet is blocked for them for security purposes. A proxy server can serve as a more convenient and more cost-effective alternative to remote desktop. While remote desktop requires a separate VDS server, you can add the required number of users on the proxy server and configure it in a separate browser, such as Firefox or WaterFox.

A proxy server is especially useful when you need to provide access to an organization's web resources, as it is more convenient to work without switching between a remote desktop and your own.

All you have to do is add the ip address of the proxy server to the allowed list, in the corporate firewall settings or on each of the required services.

Configuration description:

Corporate proxy server on Debian 11

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