New build - FTP server on Debian 11

Added new build - Debian 11 FTP server based on ProFTPD and Apache.

Sometimes you need to urgently transfer files, but there is no time to set up. For these cases, we have created a simple and at the same time very necessary assembly. Resources you choose yourself as needed on the order form. The assembly itself is selected on the server configuration form.

Activation takes the same time as an empty server and does not require additional costs, services and configuration files take several tens of megabytes.

An FTP server is often also used to store backups, data from video cameras and other smart devices. You don't need to have Linux skills. Upon activation, data will be sent to access the server via ssh, as well as to the already configured ftp user.

You can create an unlimited number of users, as well as use the server for other purposes as if it were a bare server with an empty operating system. Simply in this case, you save time on configuration and debugging.

Configuration description:

Linux Debian 11 FTP file server preconfigured with ProFTPD

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